March 27, 2024

Activities for Vacation Care

As both facilitators of kids’ activities and parents ourselves, we understand the importance of offering engaging experiences for children during school holiday programs and after-school activities. That’s why our DIY building experiences and STEM activities have continued to grow in popularity in vacation care centres across Australia.

Benefits of Our DIY Activities for Kids

Our DIY woodwork, STEM and craft projects are loved by both staff and parents for two main reasons: they’re incredibly easy and safe for staff to facilitate, and they provide children with invaluable hands-on learning experiences.

Since launching in 2014, kids have been enjoying the benefits of our woodwork projects. Beyond just being enjoyable activities, these projects offer children the opportunity to engage in real woodworking, using tools like nails and hammers under safe supervision.

painted canvases on easel from built by kidz art kit vacation care activity

A Wide Variety of DIY Activities for Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care page boasts a wide variety of activities, providing vacation care centres with comprehensive ideas for their school holiday programs. This allows centres to focus on creating fun and engaging sessions without the hassle of guesswork or time-consuming planning.

Our user-friendly order form allows you to effortlessly browse through all our activities and plan themed days with ease. Whether it’s a building day with our woodwork projects, an art day featuring our DIY art kits complete with step-by-step instructions, or a science day filled with activities like making bouncy balls and slime and decorating a lab coat, we have everything you need to create memorable experiences. Or even host a PJ day where kids can decorate their own slippers and eye masks.

2 boys in lab coats during a science kit vacation care activity

Be the Go-To Destination for Enriching Experiences

By incorporating our activities into your program, you’ll transform your centre into a place where parents feel confident sending their children. Not only will they have fun and stay safe, but they’ll also acquire valuable skills along the way. Happy children mean happy parents, and our activities guarantee positive learning experiences that are both enjoyable and well-received.

Experience the joy of learning with our carefully curated activities — make your vacation care centre the go-to destination for fun and enriching experiences!

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