August 9, 2017

Educational Parties: Making Learning Fun

Built By Kidz Parties are on a mission to make learning fun! Our educational parties teach life skills, and require kids to problem solve and work both as a team and individually. But we always ensure that every child is enjoying themselves and gets the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Our friendly facilitators provide one on one supervision when required. This ensures each child gets the opportunity to safely create their own project. Our educational parties allow kids to try something new and exciting. Built By Kidz Parties have multiple packages to choose from including Toolboxes, Slide Boxes and Billy Carts, to name a few, each one testing various skills and getting kids to think in different ways. And we always make time at the end for a special challenge for some of the older kids which is always a highlight of the party!

Our educational parties have been described as “such a crowd pleaser”, “entertaining”, “hands-on”, “practical” and “a wonderful learning experience”. We love listening to your feedback and using it to make our business the best it can be.

Built By Kidz Parties provide a valuable learning experience for children aged from 6 to 15. We aim to teach kids new skills in a comfortable and fun environment, through educational parties, where everyone gets to walk away with a project they are proud of.

If you’re not in Sydney but still want to try one of our workshops, shop our DIY packages now!

Founders Josephine & Ray


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