February 5, 2020

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

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As fun as it can be when your kid’s birthday comes around each year, there’s no denying that party planning is often a stressful time for parents. Picking a theme, finding a location, organising food and decorations. There’s such a long ‘to do’ list it can be overwhelming.

As parents to three daughters, we understand the growing need to constantly do something new and exciting each year! To throw a party that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. But often we don’t have the time or the money to plan extravagant parties.


At Built By Kidz Parties we pride ourselves on being a stress and hassle free choice for parents. With multiple packages available, there is always something for everyone! Built By Kidz Parties are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your child and their friends have the best experience possible, whether they want to build a toolbox, jewellery box, iPad holder or maybe even a billy cart, .


One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is the value of learning a new skill. Plus the added bonus of getting to keep the finished product. We love hearing from parents that their child has a newfound love for woodwork. Or that they spent the weekend in the garage helping dad or grandad with his woodworking project. Built By Kidz Parties teach kids practical skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Also how to use building tools in a safe manner. We encourage creativity at the end of each party workshop, when the kids get to decorate their project and show off their artistic flair!


Another positive aspect of our workshops, is the opportunity to get the kids away from the screens. Especially on the weekends or during the school holidays, our kids are always glued to the iPad, computer or TV. Our workshops get the kids outside to spend an hour building, gluing, hammering and drawing in order to create their own unique project! And since we have such a high regard for safety, all of our materials are pre-cut to size. Hammering is supervised one on one by our experienced facilitators.


With Built By Kidz Parties, you know you are getting value for money. Our party workshops are affordable, with a variety of packages available to suit all ages. If you have a younger group, we have a Slide Box or Jewellery Box Decorating party that is perfect for those aged 3 to 5. Those that are a bit older will really love any of our box building projects that give them the opportunity to learn how to use a hammer to put their project together. These are great for kids aged 5 to 12. We also have a Billy Cart building package that best suits those above the age of 7. This is a great team building activity! Not only are the kids being taught new skills but they are also taking home a practical creation at the end. 


Trying to choose a venue is another hurdle when brainstorming kids birthday party ideas. While hosting your party at home can often be more cost effective and time flexible, as you aren’t competing with others for the same place and time, there are so many wonderful locations around Sydney such as your local park or community hall. But no matter what location you choose, we are always happy to accommodate any space. Built By Kidz Parties have entertained at a range of locations across Australia, whether its your living room, garage, backyard, school hall or the park down the road, being a mobile service, we bring the party to you!


While our kids are starting to get a bit older, and moving away from themed parties, we have learnt over the years how difficult it can be keeping a large group of energetic kids entertained for several hours. While it’s always a good idea to have some games and activities planned if the kids are getting bored, and maybe have some special prizes handy to add some excitement, you can relax in knowing that Built By Kidz Parties will be providing an hour of entertainment, with projects that will keep the kids busy long after we’ve left. Our facilitators have a great deal of experience working with kids, with plenty of fun woodworking activities to hold their attention.


We’ve found that many parents are keen to move towards kids birthday party ideas that encourage practical learning, while also being convenient and great value for money. And Built By Kidz Parties tick all those boxes! Mobile kids’ parties are the perfect hassle-free way to host your child’s next birthday party. We create a fun and unique experience for kids of all ages, providing a fun and safe environment to learn a new skill, and take kids back to basics!

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