April 4, 2018

Kids Party Tips

As a mother to three daughters, here are my top kids party tips for planning your child’s next birthday party.


The first step to planning a party is to pick a theme. Speak to your child and work out what they want. Here at Built By Kidz Parties, we absolutely love showing up to parties with building and construction themes, as they help the kids get even more enthusiastic for the activities we have organised. There are so many party options these days, from spa parties, sporting parties, the list goes on. It’s about finding out what your child’s interests are. I have always been inspired by peoples unique party ideas.


It can always be tricky trying to choose a venue to host your child’s birthday. At home parties are often a lot more affordable and more time flexible as you don’t have other groups competing for the same place and time. That being said, there are some great locations around Sydney to host your party, such as your local park or community hall. The best thing about Built By Kidz Parties is that we are a mobile service, so we can bring the party to you, wherever you choose!


Weekend parties are often best as a lot of children have after school commitments, extra curricular activities, or parents who work late. Weekends are often more flexible as you can plan these for morning, afternoon or evening, without having to factor in school hours. Built By Kidz Parties have 6 available session times over the weekend, just send us an email to check availability for your preferred date!


Once you’ve got your date, time and location picked you can let everyone know. Make sure you get your invitations sent out with enough notice and remember to include an RSVP date and contact. If you really don’t have enough time to get this organised, just send Built By Kidz Parties an email when making your booking and we can email you a special template to make things easier!


Having a big group of kids who are full of energy and are overly excited can often be difficult to handle. This is especially hard when you need to organise enough activities to keep them entertained for several hours. Its always a good idea to have some games planned if the kids seem bored. And to also have some special prizes handy to add some excitement. Our Built By Kidz Parties facilitators have a great deal of experience working with children. And we have plenty of fun projects to hold their attention! This gives you more time to get other aspects of the party organised while we keep the kids busy with fun and safe woodworking activities.


I’ve organised plenty of parties for my daughters (they love Built by Kidz Parties) and have outsourced them too. I have found that often the kids are having so much fun they don’t really eat or notice the food. But usually a great deal of effort usually goes into this. So I’ve started trying to keep the menu simple such as

– plenty of refreshments throughout the day
– party pies and sausage rolls (always a hit!)
– fairy bread
– a small plater of bite size sushi
– fruit and veggie platter with carrots and cucumbers and seasonal fruits

And of course there is no party without the birthday cake! I try to keep the cake selection simple, something that most kids would enjoy.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with parents beforehand for any allergies or food intolerances. See if something separate needs to be prepared or if they will bring something for their child.


Trying to organise lolly bags for your guests can often be a hassle and is usually a last minute thought. Of course kids expect to leave a party with something special, so why not try adding something a little different to the lolly bag. I often like to add stickers, colouring pencils, keyrings, PlayDoh and so on. At Built By Kidz Parties we make sure every kid has something of their own to take home. Whether they build a toolbox, slide box, or trinket box, every child has their own unique project to take home and be proud of! (And we are sure parents will appreciate this over a bag of lollies). And of course remember to write down what gifts you have received and who they were from. Then don’t forget to send thank you notes to your guests!

These kids party tips are sure to get you on the right track for your child’s next birthday! Reach out to us today to book in a Built By Kidz Parties workshop for a fun and stress free party1

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