December 3, 2023

Kids Hampers: Gift Giving Just Got Easier

Give a meaningful gift this year with our new range of kids activity hampers! Since launching this curated collection, tailored to be more activity-based and practical than the conventional chocolate and lolly filled alternatives, our hampers have become a new favourite amongst our customers. Elevate your gifting game this Christmas and explore the perfect presents for kids, offering experiences and memories.


kids activity hamper

Birthday Gift Ideas

Struggling for kids birthday gift ideas? Our kids’ hampers take the stress out of gifting, with a unique blend of entertainment and educational elements, our hampers are sure to delight. These hampers are not just gifts; they are experiences wrapped up, making them the ideal choice for birthdays and other special occasions. Try our Kids Activity Hamper (above) or our Science + Build Hamper for a versatile gift option blending fun, creativity and education.


Christmas Gifts for Kids

When pondering over Christmas gift ideas for kids, look no further! Our carefully crafted kids hampers are the perfect choice this Christmas season with an array of engaging activities that promise to keep little ones entertained. Give the gift of discovery this Christmas, encouraging a love for learning and creativity. Check out our Kids Building Experience Hamper! (above)


Unique Gift Ideas

In times when a “get well soon” gift is needed, our versatile activity-based hampers step in to brighten a child’s day. Packed with engaging activities and  creative projects, these hampers serve as a delightful gift. Try our Dream Big Hamper (above) or Big Heart Hamper for an inspiring creative gift option.


We understand the frustration of not knowing what to buy, especially when faced with kids’ hampers filled with unhealthy snacks. We have aimed to prioritise both enjoyment and well-being. Thats why a selection of our hampers contain some bonus sugar free lollies! Check out our Kids Science Hamper (above).

Our kids’ hampers are more than just gifts – they are experiences that foster imagination, creativity, and fun. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present or a memorable birthday gift, let our activity-based hampers ease the stress of gift giving seasons. 

Founders Josephine & Ray


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