March 15, 2017

Life Skills for Kids & Teens

Do you often struggle to think of something new and exciting to do for your child’s birthday party each and every year? Here at Built By Kidz Parties we offer a party that is packed full of fun! But on top of that it is educational, skill building, entertaining and safe! Our workshops promote life skills for kids taught by our well trained facilitators. We take kids back to basics with hands on activities and exciting challenges. They will not only be learning practical skills like carpentry and refining their motor skills, but things such as building confidence, problem solving and both team work and independence, skills they will carry on into adult life.

Billy Cart

Our Billy Cart building package is perfect for kids aged 7 to 14. It allows the kids to work together as a group, learning life skills in cooperation and communication. This is a great team building activity, and we often see the quieter children coming out of their shells. They become engaged and enthusiastic in helping their friends with the project. Of course Built By Kidz Parties facilitators make sure each and every kid gets a turn using new and exciting tools. Then the final product is left for the birthday boy or girl to keep and use with their friends.

Box Packages

If you’ve chosen one of our toolbox, slide box or trinket box packages (aimed at those aged 6 to 13), the kids get to work on individual projects. And with the assistance of one of our friendly facilitators, construct their box from start to finish. Plus even get the opportunity to use some of our tools. The kids then get to express their creativity at the end by decorating their creations. The opportunity to personalise their project often being one of the most enjoyed parts.


For the younger kids, Built By Kidz Parties always make sure we give them that extra attention they need at the trickier parts. While the older children are given more independence. We even do tailored incursions at both primary and high schools to fit within your school’s curriculum teaching skills in practical mathematics.

All of our packages are suited for girls, boys or mixed parties. And we’ve been so impressed at each and every child’s enthusiasm and skill at every challenge we set, regardless of gender or age! Our facilitators connect so well with the kids for optimal fun and enjoyment. Built By Kidz Parties workshops are fully supervised and extremely safe for children and teens. All of our facilitators have Working With Children Checks and are fully trained to guarantee safety. Being a mobile service, we bring the party to you.

Founders Josephine & Ray


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