June 24, 2020

Lockdown activities for kids! We are back in business!

What a wild few months it has been! No doubt many of you, as parents, will have been locked down at home with the kids. While trying to get them into a new routine of at home learning and zoom sessions with teachers. Plus keeping on top of school work, all while trying to maintain a sense of normality in the house hold. Bonus points if you are also trying to work from home or run a business. With three kids, in primary and high school, and two businesses, we have all been going a little stir crazy trying to come up with some lockdown activities!

Family Lockdown Activities

However there were a few positives to come out of this lockdown period, one of those being more family time! We often found ourselves taking much needed breaks from work and assignments to spend time outdoors as a family. Our family discovered some wonderful walks in our local area and went swimming at home on the warmer days. We also played cards and board games, and even got the kids cooking! An absolute highlight was getting some weekends back for sleep ins and no running around between sporting activities. Hopefully you all found some lockdown activities to keep the kids entertained as well.

Workshop Changes

But now that restrictions are being lifted, and life is slowly beginning to return to normal, Built By Kidz Parties are so excited to get back to running our parties and workshops! Of course things are going to be looking a little bit different this time around. While we can cater for up to 15 kids (depending on the size of your space) our ideal group number is 12, during these challenging times. We will also have in place 1.5m distancing between work stations, and will be following government guidelines for all cleaning procedures on the equipment and materials that we provide.

Our Built By Kidz Parties clients mean a lot to us, and we always go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is happy with the service we provide. If you are wanting to book a workshop with us, but don’t quite feel ready for a big birthday party, let us know how we can accommodate you! 

Woodworking Lockdown Activities

If you’re in need of lockdown activities, Built By Kidz Parties can offer gift vouchers (a great gift to give kids!) to be used at a later date, when you and your child feel more comfortable to celebrate or our DIY Packages to use at home! We also offer one-on-one billy cart workshops. Just your child and one of our friendly facilitators, running them through all the stages of building a billy cart, teaching them new woodworking skills, and of course leaving you with a brand new billy cart as a parting gift! 

Now that families are unable to spend money on overseas trips and other forms of entertainment that they may have had planned for the year, many parents are looking forward to spending some of those savings on other family related events such as birthdays! And what better choice than to put it towards an exciting new experience for your kids with Built By Kidz Parties.

We want everyone to know, that just because our workshops might be running a little differently at the moment, we are still providing the same exceptional service that we have been for the past 6 years, and will continue to do well into the future.

Founders Josephine & Ray



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