Kids Gardening Herb Patch Kit

$45.00 AUD

Introduce your little ones to the joys of gardening with our Kids Gardening Herb Patch Kit! Inside, you’ll find everything your child needs to create their own mini herb garden, from basil to coriander. The kit includes a grow guide with easy-to-understand tips, biodegradable pots, and a variety of herb seeds, ensuring a hands-on learning experience that’s both educational and rewarding. Encourage their green thumbs to flourish with this eco-friendly herb patch kit.

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Herb patch kit Includes:

  • 5 packets of organic seeds – basil, chives, coriander, dill and parsley
  • Bamboo plant tags to label the herbs
  • Biodegradable pots
  • Seed growing pellets
  • A grow guide with easy-to-understand tips