December 11, 2023

Vacation Care Incursions with Built By Kidz Activities

When it comes to vacation care incursions and school holiday programs, keeping children engaged and entertained is a top priority. As educators and childcare providers, you’re constantly on the lookout for innovative incursion ideas. Ones that not only engage young minds but also promote hands-on learning. Built By Kidz Activities projects are the perfect solution for turning incursions into exciting experiences!
diy woodwork projects for kids


Crafting Memorable Incursions with Hands-on Activities

Our activity kits are designed to create hassle free days for educators, with a diverse range of incursion ideas. From woodworking kits that teach basic carpentry skills to painting and candle making sets that unleash artistic expression, our kits cover a range of engaging activities. These incursions for OSHC not only provide a fun-filled experience for kids but also address the educational objectives of vacation care centres with focuses on STEM, Art and Woodwork.
vacation care incursion for oshc


Flexible and Fun Activities for School Holiday Programs

The versatility of our activity kits makes them ideal for school holiday programs and OSHC centres. Our kits are designed to be purchased and ready to easily facilitate! They come with simple and safe instructions, that can also be used for risk assessment for centres. Educators can easily tailor these kits to suit the interests and age groups of the children they are caring for. And  ensure a customised and enjoyable experience for all. Whether it’s painting creative masterpieces, exploring the wonders of science, or cultivating a green thumb with gardening activities, our kits provide endless possibilities. Staff receive easy to follow instruction cards with each kit, along with all materials needed, for a stress free workshop.

vacation care kids activities


DIY Incursions Across Australia

Incorporating DIY activities into your vacation care incursions is not just about fun; it’s about fostering creativity, encouraging teamwork and developing problem solving skills. Our vacation care activity kits help kids explore the world of hands-on learning with our innovative incursion ideas, and assist vacation care centres across Australia in providing exciting and educational experiences. Shop here!
Elevate your vacation care incursions with our diverse range of kits. Discover the magic of interactive learning, and watch as children embark on unforgettable journeys of creativity and discovery.

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