May 4, 2023

Woodworking for Kids: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

A Woodworking Q&A with the Founders of Built By Kidz Activities


How can parents, vacation care centres, and holiday programs start introducing woodworking for kids?

Begin by discussing with your child what woodwork is, and the importance of being safe when using tools such as hammers & nails. When teaching woodworking for kids, show them how to use tools correctly.  Start simple! Teach them the correct way to grip a hammer, where is safe to place your hands on the wood, how to lightly tap a nail, until they feel confident. A DIY woodwork activity kit is a great way to begin.

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Why is woodworking an important life skill for kids? 

There are many reasons woodworking is a great skill for kids! The main one being the development of fine motor skills, which are especially important for primary school aged kids. Woodworking helps to build confidence and self esteem, plus improves focus. It provides kids with a sense of achievement when they are able to complete a project from start to finish. 

The Built by Kidz Activities DIY woodwork activity packs encourage problem solving, as kids figure out what pieces go together and how to attach them, while making things beginner friendly with predrilled holes. A great option for teaching kids basic carpentry skills!

Benefits of using real woodworking tools in early years?

Letting children use real tools not only helps them to build confidence with woodworking, but also improves their self-control. It shows them that you trust them to be responsible, while gaining real hands on DIY woodworking experience. It is important that they learn how to use tools in a safe manner, and assistance can be given to younger kids as they learn, through implementing pre-drilled holes for nails or screws.

What do children learn and what skills can kids gain from woodwork?

Kids learn hand eye coordination, dexterity, problem solving, creative and critical thinking and so much more! Our kids DIY woodworking projects are a great stating point.

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What age can you start woodworking for kids?

Based on our experience in the industry, kids can begin woodworking from 5 years old. Woodworking projects can be adjusted to suit the age and skill level of the child, until they are confident enough to move on to something more challenging.

What are some easy woodwork projects for beginners?

Our Built by Kidz Activities slide box, trinket box and tool box woodwork projects are all great activities to begin with, to help children in developing woodworking skills. Children learn gluing, constructing and hammering during the building process, and they are then left with a great sense of achievement (and very useful storage box!).

What products do you have that can help my child with stem skills?

We have a range of STEM based projects ranging from science packs and slime kits, to bouncy balls and candle making. These hands on projects encourage critical thinking, problem solving as well as creativity! 

Visit our shop here for kids DIY woodworking projects, STEM activity kits, and creative art packs for kids. 

Vacation Care Centres visit our Vacation Care and School Incursions page here, for a great selection of kids activity packs.

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