October 3, 2017

Woodworking Workshops: Founders Of Built By Kidz Parties

You may already know a bit about the Built By Kidz Parties business, and our ever popular woodworking workshops. But what do you know about the husband and wife team who founded it? We are Josephine and Ray, a husband and wife team from Sydney with a passion for woodwork. So of course we  jumped at the opportunity to share that with the children of Australia.

About Us

A little bit of background on each of us. Ray is a qualified and licensed builder with 25 years experience in project management, property development, construction, renovations and extensions for clients across Sydney. It is Ray’s ethical values and genuine nature that has lead to the success of his business. As well as his repeat and loyal customer base.

Josephine has an insurance background with administration skills. After getting married and starting a family, she made the decision to pursue a creative path in styling properties for sale. Thus we made the perfect team and went on to open our building business together running woodworking workshops for kids.

Starting the Business

It was then in 2014 when we formed the idea of running woodworking workshops in our local area. When we founded Built By Kidz Parties, we had the hope of sending children home from our parties not only with a lolly bag, but with a handmade project, fun filled memories and a life experience.

As our business grew we continued adding more and more packages to suit boys and girls of all ages. Built By Kidz Parties has since grown to cater for all of Sydney and even interstate. We have run the occasional workshops held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. We now also ship our woodworking projects in DIY kits across Australia and New Zealand.

Getting Back to Basics

The need to get kids back to basics was huge! Having our own children we knew that kids today lack practical life skills and much needed fine motor skills. Having been a licensed builder for over 25 years Ray knows the importance of giving children the opportunity to build, learn and create through practical activities. Built By Kidz Parties woodworking workshops help children refine their motor skills, build confidence, problem solve and learn how to work both in a team and independently, all of which they will carry on into adult life.

We were completely blown away by the positive reception and feedback we received after having established Built By Kidz Parties and even now we are incredibly grateful for the support of the community we have created through our woodworking workshops.

Founders Josephine & Ray


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