June 30, 2017

Our Mathematics focused primary school incursions

As well as hosting birthday party workshops Built By Kidz Parties also run primary school incursions in Sydney targeted at those in years 4, 5 and 6. These incursions are designed to teach students 3 key areas of the New South Wales Mathematics Syllabus.

Studies have shown that many children are lacking the mathematical skills needed for future life. With teaching often being very theoretically focused we aim to teach maths in a way that is both practical and fun. Built By Kidz Parties hands on methods help kids to think in a different way. While also gaining a better understanding of areas such as measuring area, length and mass.

Activities in our primary school incursions in Sydney include children measuring their height and a length of timber. Plus learning to read and understand measurement increments, calculating the area of the classroom, using a see-saw to compare weights, and many similar tasks. Research based evidence has proven that real life hands on experience is the best way for children to retain knowledge and information. Our activities ensure every child can get involved to learn in a hands on and practical way. We also supply pre-activity sheets before incursions to give the students a goal to work towards. This is also a way to show their understanding of the ideas being taught.

Built By Kidz Parties experienced and well trained staff strictly supervise students at all times. This guarantees a safe learning environment. We began running these primary school incursions in Sydney with the intention of promoting the language of mathematics through interactive and hands on methods, catering for every type of learner and making learning maths fun. We understand that kids learn in different ways so we provide a personalised method of learning at it’s best.

Founders Josephine & Ray

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